About Gospel Penny

The Problem:

There are still billions of people with no access to the gospel in their place, language, and culture! People in the family and community act as religious police barring the exit doors for those who want to learn more about Jesus.

The Internet:

For many the internet provides the only accessible or safe place to learn the gospel or get a taste of Christian community.

Our Sites:

Our sites are designed by people who are from or have spent many years living among the target peoples. Grasping the language, culture, and the nature of the barriers the people face in their culture and world view is critical! Our goal is that people stumble only on the cross and not on the presentation of the cross.

Your Pennies:

Google Adwords allows us to buy advertizing realestate on websites even in the most unreached and closed areas of the world. We only pay 1 cent each time someone clicks on one of our gospel websites. If the ad shows up and no one clicks we don't pay anything! Can you think of a better deal to spend your money on?